Internship highlights

The highlights from my Sydney Internship experience. What it was like, how I went with the commuting and the path to discovering what I would like to do after University.


My month long internship experience with 360 DMG was an incredible time to learn and reflect on my knowledge of marketing and media communications. The company was small enough to have the time and resources to really help foster my growth and development, yet still are one of the leading and fast growing firms. One week on from finishing, I have had time to reflect on the month I spent in Sydney, so here are the main highlights and thoughts I took from the experience.

  1. Commuting

I am most definitely not a morning person. I knew right from the start that the early starts would be the biggest challenge, however this is something I wanted to do. I wanted to test myself and see how a career in Sydney, the commuting, the lifestyle, would all go. I am extremely proud of myself to say I never took a day off, and was always as punctual as public transport allowed. I would catch a 6.20am train from North Wollongong and I would leave the office at 5pm and arrive home at 7.10pm. You begin to learn the faces of the commuters from the south coast, the ones with the crazy bed-hair and coffee cups in hand, the suits, the heels and esky lunches. Four hours of commuting on public transport every day and $150 later, I can say that I would be happy to continue those efforts to be able to work in the fast paced, career driven environment of the media industry.

  1. Organisational Culture

The 360 team works hard to ensure there is open communication between all levels of the company and a healthy environment for everyone. The office is open-planned and doors are opened where there are doors. Breakfast is available to all commuters and early risers. Industry training is occurring regularly over fortnightly lunches. Media industry visits, online training and networking events all occur consistently.

The media industry is dynamic and relies on a mix of people who have a range of skills and backgrounds. The organisational culture definitely aligned to this. Everyone clicked, was willing to help each other, were sociable and they all went out of their busy schedules to help me out, training me as if I had been given a job. I was so grateful to be able to be a part of such a lovely team who taught me a lot more practical, relevant experience than my 3 years of textbooks.

  1. Maybe I should I have studied a digital media?

My marketing major combined with digital media major really would have been the kick ass degree to study. Digital media is front and centre when it comes to marketing these days. With audiences spending more and more time multi-screening throughout the day, marketers are looking for dynamic and targeted approaches to get their message out. However there is hope and I am ok with my study choices! The organisation I was working for had staff from all academic backgrounds, which proved to me that it is the practical training and support you receive, that can help form the type of work you can do. Just like anything, the more you do it, the more you improve. Digital media skills I believe will be the same for me. I am qualified working on inbound marketing with HubSpot and have continued my Facebook Blueprint Advertising training. The goal is to keep going with these practical and relevant training this year alongside my UNI course.

  1. The piece of paper is NOT everything

If there is anything that stands out the most for me after my month, it is how important experience is. The double degree piece of paper may get me the interviews in the future, but it is the industry experience and the practical skills that will be of most value to my future employer and also myself. Speaking using the terminology you have seen in the textbooks, communicating what you are doing to help the team, constantly keeping in the loop with research and current news in the industry are all super important skills that I will continue to work on this year and into my career. Even though you may have to work for free, take time off from social or work commitments, industry placement is something that should be at the forefront of every student’s university experience.

UOW and 360 have allowed me to really develop what I like working on and what I am good at. Up until now I really haven’t confirmed in my mind what I want to do when I graduate but this month has helped clear the path for me, and reaffirms that I have been studying the right degree. Thank goodness the $40,000 piece of paper will be worth it in the end! Please feel free to comment below if you have had an internship experience or if you are considering doing one in the future, I would love to chat about it with you.


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Author: abbeycubit

I am a 22 year old, currently based in Sydney, Australia. I am working in a Media Agency and am a recent University graduate. I have a love for travel, sweet potato and books. I hope you enjoy my blog xx

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