We are paying for a degree, so should we be allowed to pay for our assignments?

Procrastination and being a student come hand in hand with each other. We all have the days when we would rather stay in bed, or go to the beach instead of doing the assignment that is due tomorrow. However we all manage to cram and get the job done in the end. But would it ever be ok to consider paying someone else to do the assignment for you so you could keep chilling out? Whilst most of you answer no, it has come to light that there are some students studying in Australia who fit into the category of saying yes to paying for someone else to do the work. Over the past year, investigations undertaken by Universities and Journalists have found that there are students who slip through the cracks, continue to bludge, and instead pay for their essays to be done for them.

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ABC News have reported the following on the Essay cheating scandal.

‘Up to 1000 students across 16 Australian Universities have been caught using a Sydney based essay writing service known as “MyMaster’’. The main offenders using this program tend to be International students, who struggle writing essays in English, as it may be their second or even third language. They are prime target for those offering a written essay in return for hard cash’ (Grim, N. 2015).

Universities are striking back, saying they will ‘revoke degrees’, ‘expel’ or ‘suspend’ students who are found to have been involved (Kennedy, J. 2015). Persons who have tertiary study behind them when applying for jobs are seen to be one step ahead of the rest. Australian Degrees are also held in high regard Internationally, having 8 of our Universities in the top 200 of the Times higher education ranking for 2015 (Times Higher Education, 2015). Therefore when students are cheating the system, and getting someone else to do the work for them, it “damages the Universities Credibility” (Grim, N. 2015).

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Research Ethics and plagiarism laws are put in place from Universities for a reason. If you present a piece of work, that is not properly referenced, then the work cannot be seen as your own. The above scandal is seen, as breaking every one of those regulations put in place by universities and such academic misconduct is not ok.

Universities across Australia are taking this issue very seriously, as they have their academic integrity at stake. These “Institutions have had their reputations tarnished by students who are buying assignments an essays from businesses” (Grim, N. 2015). Students involved in such misconduct are currently being investigated and penalised for participating in cheating their way through their studies.

International education is one of ‘Australia’s largest exports’ (Grim, N. 2015) so what if Universities turned a blind eye and left the issue untouched? It may jeopardise a huge amount of possible income for the University and the country if they penalised International students. The reason being is that cheating and abusing the system of education is not only damaging the integrity of Australian degrees but it is also hurting these students for the long run. Ethics in your studies and research are important, so that the value of your degree keeps the high academic standard already set by Australian Universities. At the end of the day it is you who should be looking to gain the most out of your education as you are paying for it, you shouldn’t want to cheat it.



Blog Question for assignment: Why are ethics important to research?


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