Berlin – Prague – Munich – Salzburg

To begin with, let me apologise for the delay in posts! Two weeks ago I was walking up the eiffel tower and today I was swimming at the beach and going to class in Wollongong. To say the least it has been hectic, so I found myself with some down time this afternoon, to finish up my blog from the exchange adventure. I’m going to pick up where I left, Australia day in Germany.

Day 3

The Berlin metro is forever getting repaired and the third time around visiting was no exception. We arrived in the evening to find the hostel directions were not possible. We did find it eventually and we snagged the best beds in the hostel in the loft. It was Australia day as mentioned in my last blog post and so we made our way to the HB München for some pork knuckle and beer, it never disappoints. We then got lost four times making our way back to the hostel on trams and trains, all whilst it was snowing. Berlin is an incredible city; it has an amazing culture, incredible music scene and great food. But if there is one thing that was confusing, it is the public transport; I’ll forever be bewildered with the system.

IMG_9069 IMG_9058

Day 4

Brandenburg gate, east-side gallery, Museum Island, Humboldt University, currywurst, all in a day. We were very touristy walking about the city and we tried our best to once again concur the public transport. I treated myself to another MAC lipstick, my current obsession. That evening we cooked pasta in the hostel whilst we contemplated going out on the town. We decided that due to the rain, that Netflix was a much better idea.

Day 5

We left Berlin for Prague. Arrived at our hostel and pretty much chilled all afternoon. Jon is one who likes chilling, which I don’t mind, because I like that too. That evening we had an early night in the hostel. The hostel was nice, we had a kitchen and we shared with 2 other guys, both German. One of them came in at 3am however and turned the light on and started rustling through his bag for about 20 minutes which was just delightful. These are the moments where you truly appreciate your own space and a bedroom.

Day 6

This morning we awoke early from the restless night. I had found an unexpected surprise above me… The damn bedbugs again!! We got it in a tissue, went down to reception were they kindly refunded us and offered a free breakfast. We declined the breakfast, as we wanted to jump on board the free walking tour. I wasn’t letting the trauma of bed bugs get to me again! We had made a booking in the Sheraton Prague for that night. Eastern European Prices for a 5-star hotel came at a perfect time! After the walking tour we enjoyed a typical Czech lunch of Goulash and beer. We then collected our bags and checked in at the Sheraton. I don’t think we were expecting such luxury coming our way after the night we had just had. The bellboy collected our bags, I feared for him touching the quarantined laundry bag, so I kept that with me awkwardly. We arrived at the room, and Jon tipped him. Afterwards we cleaned up, and went out on the town for some drinks and dinner. Jon had looked on trip advisor for the best Indian food in town, and it most definitely lived up to its rating. It was a beautiful 3-course meal, which was followed by a nice eastern European bill! Afterwards we wandered into the square, contemplating one of the many pub-crawls on offer. I really wanted to do one just for the free t-shirt. If you have been reading my blogs, you would possibly remember that I was sick the previous times I was in Prague, thus have missed out on all free t-shirts and pub crawls. Jon thought we could make one up on our own, therefore saving us the cover charge. He was right, we wandered in to a bar that revolved around, it was called 360, very fitting. It was filled with twenty to thirty year old locals for Karaoke night. We just watched at one of the back tables whilst drinking numerous amounts of cheap cocktails. Who would have known that bed bugs could have led us to such a fun night?

Day 7

On this morning we checked out, left our luggage and caught the tram to the top of the Prague castle. At the top we grabbed some breakfast, a croissant for me and a pizza pocket for Jon combined with fresh orange juice for us both. We then quickly walked our way through the castle to take some quick pictures. The train ride from Prague to Munich was beautiful, following along frozen rivers and snow-capped mountains. Arriving in Munich was a tad different this time around as there were no drunken festival-goers in dirndls and lederhosen’s. When we made it to the hostel room and introduced ourselves we had found out we were put in a room full of Australians. It was great chatting to them all about back home and the travel experiences. Some had just finished their exchange and were doing the same thing as me, which was awesome to talk about.

Day 8

Today was kind of wasted on finding a doctor. I still hadn’t shaken a cold, and it was slowly getting worse. We were advised to go to the hospital from the hostel. The hospital then advised us to go to a chest doctor on the other side of town. Because it was the weekend the line for reception took half an hour, and more and more people kept filing in. When we made it to the desk, she said it was a two-hour wait, so we decided to go and have lunch to fill the time. We wandered about the department stores and then went to a beer-hall for food. I had pea soup and Jon had Sausages and sauerkraut. We both also enjoyed the table pretzels, which I warn you now, are not free. We then went back to the doctor to get some antibiotics. She gave me a combination of three. If this didn’t get me better, I didn’t know what would. We then went to find a chemist. All had closed at two as it was a weekend, so we asked a local for a 24hr one. We found it, filled the script, got the documents for insurance as the day had cost me 100 euros for a 5-minute consultation and medicine. But I was told by the doctor it was Bronchitis, so it was pretty necessary to pay that. That evening we went out to dinner at Vapianos with two lovely Australian girls that we had met in the room. One of them unfortunately had lost their phone on the metro, so she had a stressful evening. We decided after all of that to join on a pub-crawl. We meet four au-pair girls, so that was nice. The pub-crawl itself in the simplest description was shit. Expensive bars for 2 hours at a time… POX!

Day 9

Today went to the BMW headquarters and showrooms. It was fun to sit in the new cars, pretending they are yours. They also had Mini Coopers and Rolls Royce. BMW world, even if you aren’t an avid car lover, is worth a visit when in Munich. That afternoon we jumped on a train to Salzburg, Austria. Back into a city of thick snow! Google maps advised us to take bus 150, which got us about 600m away, close enough to the hostel, afterwards we realized we could have caught almost any bus to the hostel, which dropped us basically at the door. 600m does not sound like a lot, but at night, in thick snow with baggage, it is a lot.

IMG_9128 IMG_9136

Day 10

Today we hopped on board the famous ‘Sound of Music’ tour. It was an overcast day, which was disappointing as the views of the mountains were reduced. Nonetheless we had a blast singing along in the bus to the songs, amazing how many I actually knew thanks to mum. During the tour we tried some weird sausage thing on a bread roll with mustard, supposedly very Austrian. That evening we met a bunch of people in the hostel and played cards and cooked dinner. Very chill day.

IMG_9182 IMG_9161 IMG_9171 DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO IMG_9146 IMG_9189 IMG_9249 IMG_9250 DCIM100GOPRO Thanks to all of my beautiful friends and family for the support in reading and commenting on this blog. It has been an absolute delight to write. I still have the end of the trip to write, but first I must finish a Uni Assignment. Being back into routine is so bizarre. You can expect the final segment in the coming weeks! Please also find below some pictures to go along with the last post – Netherlands – France – Luxemburg – Belgium

IMG_8900 IMG_8958 IMG_8989 DCIM100GOPRO IMG_8976 IMG_8988 IMG_8973 IMG_9023 IMG_9042 IMG_9028

Love Abbey xx


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